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Sparky the Pooch

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Sparky the Pooch

Two weeks post-op

July 10th, 2018 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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So it has now been two weeks since Sparky’s operation and he finally got his staples out as well as for his cone taken off! He also got a bath since his surgery, how nice to have a clean smelling pooch! He is happy and super energetic that sometimes I have to remind him to calm down. We are taking it easy on the walks for now, but would like to build up to maybe 20-30 min walks. Anyone have any tips on that? I noticed he gets tired pretty easily now, but that might just be a combination of the hot Arizona weather and him not having much exercise the past few months. I’m currently training him to wear dog booties so he doesn’t burn himself outside or slip on our wooden floors. So far, it has been a struggle as he just doesn’t stay still and hates the boots 🙁 anyways here are some picture I recently took of him after getting his cone off and getting a well deserved bath 🙂

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  • sjstern

    Sparky is gorgeous!

    One great trick I found was to place yoga mats on your hardwood floors for traction. They don’t slip and will give Sparky some confidence. 🙂

    As for walks, my Golden is 4 months post amputation, and while he trots to do his business, he loses steam and has many rest periods on his way back home. I bought a doggie stroller to take our longer walks, and let him out to run around and sniff, and back in the stroller to go home. He just can’t make those long treks anymore.

    Also consider canine rehab. It’s great and will keep your Sparky strong.

    Best wishes, and we can’t wait to hear more about your baby’s progress!

  • jerry

    Hey guys, glad to hear life is getting back to a new normal!

    We have some great tips about walking and getting stronger in our Tripawds Gear blog. See:

    You may also want to check out today’s Tripawds News Blog post, about the benefits of rehab therapy. We highly recommend it!

    The heat definitely influences how well a Tripawd can get around. Take things slow and remember he’s working extra hard to do even the most basic things, and he’s too proud to tell you he is having a hard time doing it. Pay attention to his signals. If he sits down on a walk, he’s gone too far.

    Good luck! Keep us posted.

  • Ellober2

    What a cute pooch! Walks of more than 15-20 minutes may be a too ambitious. My dog has been a tripawd for only about 6 weeks now, but most of the advice is that 15-20 is the upper limit or you start putting too much strain and wear on the remaining legs. But several walks in that range a day is pretty good, and I play a lot of tug of war with my dog for extra exercise.

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